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Takigahara Mountain Pass

Takigahara Mountain Pass 1.0

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Touge track based on real japanese mountain pass.

lenght: 4200m
width: 6m to 10m
camber: 0.5 to 1 degree
surface: Dusty and old tarmac
gutters: 10 to 20 cm depth

-Added reverse version
-Cams for normal version (thanks to Leonardo Ratafiá :D)
-Some new tarmac and wall textures
-Some new 3d objects
-Adjusted guardrails and walls
-Wider track on some points
-Added 32 pits for normal version and 24 for reversed version
-Grass and trees adjustments (floating trees are solved)
-Solved sticky guardrails
-Adjusted cambers
-Resized gutters
-Overall track looks better
File size
56.1 MB
First release
Last update
4.94 star(s) 31 ratings

Latest updates

  1. V 1.0 reverse layout added,

    -v1.0 -Added reverse version -Cams for normal version -Some new tarmac and wall textures -Some...
  2. starting line and finish update

    -Start and finish track objects added -Some textures changed

Latest reviews

5stars bookmarked
Unforgiving pice of road with lots and lots of hair pins. Rally style. Well executet track! Thanks.
Excellent touge. there is some graphics lags in the beginning and in the end of the track (the rest track runs very smooth on best possible graphics). I wish you could recreate other popular touge from Japan. BIG 5 STARS
One of my absolute favorite tracks! It is so fun to drive and the level of detail and quality is impressive. I wish all track mods were this good.
let's drive on the mountain pass! recommended track for all the touge lovers, keep up the good work!
Liked very much, still would be better with TV cameras... hope will be included in a future.
Great work. Very impressive and enjoyable track.

Smooth flow, the ambiance is really well done, feels like you're in some woods in Japan, and the replay cams are perfectly placed. Great work!
Good work so far. Stopping rails suck
amazing update, definitely within the most narrow tracks in AC still fun to drive, no weird issues, it has the tightest hairpins of all track! :D
Great Track. Would be awesome to have some more infos in the description for example length.
amazing track, waiting for future updates, maybe tv cameras :D

Touge track my ass. THIS IS THE BEST RALLY STAGE I HAVE DRIVEN THIS YEAR! I hope you can fix the barriers, they're a bit sticky, not unrealistic, just inconvenient.
Very nice and hard track with really good flow, thank you very much for sharing :)
So far this is my favorite track in AC, it needs some mild graphical polishing, but without a doubt the tightest most challenging track I've seen.
I have to admit, this is a really nice track. The only issue I have noticed yet are some "floating" trees at the start and during some hairpins near the end. Congrats
One of the few really high quality touge tracks!
Awesome ! Can you make Hillclimb versions ? it can be very fun with little formula cars ;)
thanks!! :D the hillclimb will be in the next update!!
Great job, thank you!
Runs very well on an old Core 2 Quad Q9400 and 6 gigs of ddr2 RAM, this track is awesome. I very like it. Keep going ;-)
:D im glad to hear that, thanks for the feedback :D
Nice work, many thanks! o/
:D Thanks to all of you who keep the community active and encourage us to continue working!!