Sydney 500 Streets Of Homebush 2015 8.8

Sydney 500 2015

  1. Frosty
    Version 8.8 WIP
    Delete Version 6.0 FIRST.
    This Version 8.8 has new profile in few of the turns on the track layout.
    Fixed turns 2,3,4 complex it flows better n the wall at turn 4 has moved in closer.
    Fixed the Frame Rate overall the track improvements still to come.
    Turns 6,7 have also been adjusted n the curb height fixed.
    Turn 8 curb height fixed and also corner profile changed.
    Turn 9 Curb fixed slightly neater.
    Turn 10 curb and apex entry changed fixed also 11 camber now more in effect.
    AI Racing line improvements also working on Track cutting settings
    New Camera angles Including Crowds View from the stands somethings fresh testing that out as i idea.
    Over all the track has had massive LOD changes and should get better FRAMES overall
    as mentioned before working on getting the track inline with rf2 standards will be massive changes in next release this should get u thru.plz let me no how n if this version is better or worst for u.
    My Pc settings.
    CPU-Intel 4790k
    Graphics- Gigabyte gtx970
    Vengeance DDR3-16gig of ram
    SSD Drives
    Windows 10 - 64Bit
    In Game Settings and Testing i use Full MAXED out in game graphics settings
    25 AI cars on track plus all cars visual aswell.
    I get incar with full grid FVR mod nothing less then 65fps
    I get incar with full grid ISI Porsche mod nothing less then 68fps

    Would also like to hear what u all think of the 2015 layout cheers
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Recent Reviews

  1. BernL
    Version: 8.8
    Nice layout.....track surface is not to ISI standards
  2. Marc Collins
    Marc Collins
    Version: 8.8
    Solid v0.88 quality. Thanks for continuing to work on the conversion. It's a great layout, so worth the effort. If you fix the fundamental lighting/HDR issues, most people would think it was just fine and would only require the usual polishing that all conversions of this sort need.
    1. Frosty
      Author's Response
      cheers hope to do more soon when i have more time cheers going to try next version be final version on rf2
  3. asehauDLM
    Version: 6.0
    The basis is very nice! Great layout, nice textures. But the FPS are the biggest problem of this track. Even with only 10 AI cars it's almost impossible to race against them (with shadows turned off), highest FPS are 50 for a short time, most of the time 30-40. On other tracks (ISI etc.) I have a constant 70-80+ FPS. I really hope you can improve the FPS a lot, because it's a real problem right now.
    1. Frosty
  4. Peevee88
    Version: Version 5.0
    IMO track is still in beta stage. Shimmering objects, jaggies and some pitch black areas (on track and tyre walls) give this a Work In Progress feeling.
    This is way behind compared to benchmark ISI tracks or good add-on tracks.
    On the plus side: Nice city centre layout gives it great potential
    1. Frosty
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