Sweet FX F1 2015 2015-07-13


  1. m.engelhardt
    Is a working SweetFx but i´m not glad about settings.
    Maybe another member has more time to check out settings.
    It works without reshade !
    Only copy and paste the content of the .rar file to installation folder of f1 2015....done
    For me it looks much way better in shape and contrast but i get n`t out this damn blur
    P.S. i´ve collected so much FX files so i don´t know who´s the original poster!
    So all Credits to the real poster! not to me !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Giovaneveterano
    Version: 2015-07-13
    A mod that's a copy-paste of a an older one doesn't bring us any advantage. 1 star for me.
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