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Suzuka - Complete track update Revision 2

HD, New Textures, New Lighting

  1. igearzone16
    Done in High Definition

    Tracks is Dynamic....

    Remodeled all buildings and walls from cardboard blurry box, into real dimensional images.. Removed some trees, that hid textures, you can see 20 miles out. Also changed the sky scale to a real sky scale,more realistic sun..

    If you download this, please rate it!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Carlos Nascimento
    Carlos Nascimento
    Version: Re Vision 2
    Great job , congratulations once again , is that you could reshape the redbull at the Mercedes chassis to which is the correct front Visico and remodel the interior of williams to take Generic wheel and the wheel and panel similar to the redbull ? .
  2. Jon_Valiant
    Version: x.X.x
    1. igearzone16
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