SuperV8 Cars Tires AMS

SuperV8 Cars Tires AMS v1.0

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Hi Guys

Here are some new tire textures for the SuperV8 cars.

Just drop them into AMS's SuperV8Teams folder and the Nissanv8Teams, HoldenC_ZB_18Teams, Fordv8Teams if you have these modded cars extra.


SuperV8 AMS.jpg

SuperV8 AMS.jpg
SuperV8 AMS_1.jpg
SuperV8 AMS_2.jpg
SuperV8 AMS_3.jpg

SuperV8 ZB AMS.jpg

Known issues:

- For some reason with few the tire textures don't show, why I don't know.

- There are some additional tire files that one can download here, together with the tire textures one must place these in the main vehicle folder and this will solve the problem.

- Add these tire files with the three tire textures to AMS's main vehicle folder.

- If the tire textures show as per the normal installation guide further up there is no reason to place them in the vehicle folder, only do this if they don't show in the showroom.


P.S. If you have the Holden_ZB car mod check my post here to fix the tire blur and some updates for the car.


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Thanks for all the support guys and this great racing community! So many good people online!
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spent bloody hours messing around witht his syre **** until I saw the klnown issues mentioned below. Thanks mate!
hot fix for blurring worked perfectly , thanks!!
Thank you. Appreciate your work and patience
Always a pleasure to help and thanks for the review!
Awesome work, they really do make a difference. Thanks also for your support addressing the installation issue I had. Top notch.
Nothing worse to not have something work so I try to sort things out as quickly as possible.

Was a pleasure, glad I could help and thanks for the review!
Great job . Thank you very much.
Always a pleasure and thanks for the review!
Thank you mate :) Nice to see my ZB with those beautiful tyres :)
Very nice model, one thing I could ask, any chance that you can get the red rpm light to work on the lcd like the other cars?

Would appreciate this fix and just let me know where to download the fix.

Thanks for the review!
No problem and thanks for the review!
Thank You
Always a pleasure and thanks for the review!

If you have the Holden ZB mod, I have posted a fix and update in the AMS forum.

Here a link to the post:
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