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SuperGT 2018 GT300 Skin Pack

SuperGT 2018 GT300 Skin Pack 1.01

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In order to use this skin pack you need to install the following MODs.

EEC GT3 Base
Acura NSX GT3
Lexus RC-F GT3


Drago Modulo NSX
Blancpain & Super GT Acura NSX GT3 Series Skin Pack & Sound Mod

This skin pack contains the following 20 skins.

#0 Goodsmile Racing AMG (made by tatit)
#7 D'station PORSCHE (made by hossy0saka)
#9 PACIFIC GULF PORSCHE (made by hossy0saka)
#10 GAINER TANAX triple a GT-R (made by hossy0saka)
#11 GAINER TANAX GT-R (made by hossy0saka)
#21 Audi Team Hitotsuyama (made by hossy0saka)
#22 R'Qs MOTOR SPORTS AMG (made by hossy0saka) New!!
#26 Team TAISAN Audi R8 (made by hossy0saka)
#35 arto-Panther Team Thailand (made by hossy0saka) New!!
#48 DIJON Racing GT-R (made by hossy0saka)
#50 Arnage Racing AMG (made by enkay74)
#55 AUTOBACS RACING TEAM AGURI M6 (made by hossy0saka) New!!
#60 SYNTIUM LM corsa (made by hossy0saka)
#65 LEON RACING AMG (made by hossy0saka) New!!
#87 LEGAL FRONTIER Lamborghini (made by hossy0saka)
#88 Money Partners Lamborghini (made by hossy0saka) New!!
#96 K-tunes RC-F (made by hossy0saka)
#117 EIcars BENTLEY (made by enkay74)
#360 TOMEI SPORTS GT-R (made by hossy0saka)
#777 CAR GUY (made by hossy0saka)

This skin is built into the series via the veh file.
#34 Drago Modulo NSX (made by ClimaxF1)


...and All people involved in EEC GT3 MOD.
Triebie(Lexus RC-F,Acura NSX - Car Mods)
ClimaxF1(Drago Modulo NSX - Skin,Sound Mods)
enkay74(Arnage Racing AMG,EIcars BENTLEY - Skin)
tatit(Goodsmile Racing AMG - Skin)
gonzo-cool(RC-F & NSX's yokohama tires,RC-F's non LED Mod)
quakeguy(#22,#65,#88 reference)
yam_ia(ARTA M6 reference)

I will not bear full responsibility for your using this mod.

Have fun!:thumbsup:

20180629071032_1.jpg 20180629071327_1.jpg 20180629071407_1.jpg
hossy 0saka
File size
45.6 MB
First release
Last update
4.91 star(s) 11 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. veh files fixed

  2. 5 skins added

    #22 R'Qs MOTOR SPORTS AMG (made by hossy0saka) #35 arto-Panther Team Thailand (made by...

    #26 Team TAISAN Audi R8 (made by hossy0saka) #360 TOMEI SPORTS GT-R (made by hossy0saka)
  4. added 1 skin.

    ADDED #7 D'station PORSCHE (made by hossy0saka) UPDATE #9 PACIFIC GULF PORSCHE (made by...
  5. readme.txt fix

    readme.txt fix:D

Latest reviews

Excellent Work! Thank you for sharing!
Very nice skins. Thanks Hossy.
Wonderful pack. Thank you for sharing.
Great pack. Thanks for all your hard work - the result is awsome.
Congratulations on reaching version 1.0.
Excellent Skins ! ! ! Thank you for sharing.
These are quality skins, really appreciate all the work you are doing, thank you!
Thank You


@ bello francesco
Use a generic mod enabler will make it 100% foolproof for novices
1. Make mods for all default EEC content
2. Make mod for all server content

1 click deactivates all default mods
1 click activates server mod

another 2 clicks to restore


Crying shame genric mod enablers were never implemented by modders as standard
Love it! My favorite series at the moment
The next most popular "Shokumou GT-R" is essential.
hossy 0saka
hossy 0saka
Sorry,next skin is LEGAL FRONTIER Lamborghini.
GT300 vehicles of RC-F, NSX and EEC series are assembled, and the achievement that everyone can easily race with that vehicle is great.
Thanks for these beautiful skins, someone good heart tells me how to put on a server all this stuff?
EEC GT3 Base
Acura NSX GT3
Lexus RC-F GT3
Blancpain & Super GT Acura NSX GT3 Series Skin Pack & Sound Mod
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