Super TC2000

Super TC2000 2.1

No permission to download
Great MOD! Thanks a lot! I just think AI is very fast on the straights. How can I adjust this?
This is one of the best FWD I ever drove in a sim, the FFB is absolutely fantastic. Amazing sound. Thanks for sharing!
Like your other car mods, outstanding!
Awesome mod. Thanks for the AI update. Already was gonna give it 5 stars, but your comment below wants to make me give you 6 stars. Sadly that is not possible.
You just changed the sounds of copa petrobras cars, really ugly mod, super tc2000 cars are V8 not inline6, and there's no mitsubishi lancer in supertc2000.
Missing VW and fiat from this category
Get a life kid, unfortunately I'm a modder, not a psychologist.
I don't know it it's just me, but the physics seem improved. Overall, great job. Thank you for sharing.
Hehe, always there is an extra seasoning... Enjoy it, cheers
Lots of fun. Thank you
Looking good (I wonder how AMS will fair once AMS2 arrives). Thank you for sharing.
Fantastic work mate, nicely done!
Hola. no estoy pudiendo instalarlo. lo reemplazo donde coresponde pero no estaria funcionando. aparece en el juego pero no aparecen los autos. si me dan una mano si alguno le paso les agradezco. mil gracias.
Esta muy bueno el mod y sus fisicas sobre todo. Pero yo soy de Argentina y esos sonidos son del Turismo carretera. Super tc2000 y turismo carretera son 2 categorias muy distinas. Saludos.
Thanks! Handling is great, which is all I need.
Sound and Handling are 5 star. Well done..
Nicely done. Big thanks.
Really great physics and the sounds are out of this world and incredibly realistic. simply amazing job, thank you!
FAntastic... Tanks
What a challenging Mod!... Wonderful riding feel with the mind-blowing engine sound. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing creation!... Simply FABULOUS.
great Sound and cars. Thanks for shared. one question: How put the interior view like you?
Great car! THX a lot! One question, where can I get Helicorsa for AMS?
very well done. they are a joy to drive.
Love this ! Great detail and the sounds from the cars is truly intoxicating , amazing work thanks .
Just one question , I don't seem to have any external tyre sounds . Would this be an easy file swap or something ? many thanks .
Hey Aza. Sounds still need some love, I'll complete the whole sound pack soon, cheers.
These sound amazing and have loads of grip (maybe too much?). Really enjoyed 20 mins around Brands Hatch..well done !
This is very good immersion, great sounds ! Thank you :)
Excellent work, amazing sound, like your work very much
Very lovely to drive, just for the sound alone !