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Super Max Circuit 1.01

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Based on an interview with Max Verstappen and an article posted in a Dutch magazine, I used this information to create Max Verstappen's Dream Circuit.
Image of article below.

I created my own layout, one which I think makes more sense than the article, where all the sections and corners are in their correct orientation. Any sections I added to connect the pieces of track were done in a way to minimize their effect on the real track sections.

Below is also an image showing the sections in detail and the elevation of the circuit. As well as a track map.

The circuit is best used for hot-lapping but can be used in a race with AI as well.
  • 1 DRS zone on the start finish straight
  • 22 Pit boxes
  • 9056 meters long
  • Counter-Clockwise

Watch a lap of the circuit here

Author: Proton29
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  • Track Elevation Display Smaller.png
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Latest updates

  1. Update to textures so the circuit is not blindingly bright

    Thanks to people for informing me on the brightness of the circuit. I adjusted some of the...

Latest reviews

Very entertaining, and long too, but still very clear, compared to other tracks. Will there be any updates in the future, improving textures or maybe night mode?
Well be perfectly honnest every single corner in this track is just copied of other race tracks. Its not well modelled and the textures of the rode in many parts of the track are just not as good as i expected. But at least its drivable.
best track ever it is sooo fun
Must Have.
Excellent Circuit with fast cars like GT or more.
Very good work for the driving line, pleasent to watch too.
An original work that must be more famous than it lokks like.
Many big thanks Proton29 !
Great attention to detail on this, there's a smooth transition between sections despite each one keeping the original circuit's unique style. It's also a lot of fun to drive.
Really fun Frankenstein's monster of an F1 track.
This is mega. Please do more like this!
well done, thanks. But the cameras didnt work. Or did i a mistake?
flows really well, in my opinion. well done!!
When you cant decide what track to drive in AC, use this one and drive them all!

this track is based on a real Italian city, Rieti. There are some textures missing and still some work to do, but I dont'have time to complete it. Could you finish texturing and also make the sponsorboards look like F1?
Good Job
i think you made it backwards
Lots of people have been saying that. I however did not copy what they did in the magazine. I thought the magazine layout was not good. So I just took the corners and sections Max talked about and put them together in my own layout.
simple simple lovely
This track is excellent to drive. Thank you for creating this. One major issue I'm having is running a track day,race, etc the AI teleports to different parts of the track. Also, it would be great if the grid box count would be larger. Hope to see some future updates.
Thanks mate
Very good work!
Considering the beauty and the length of the circuit,it would be fantastic if you add more pit slots, reaching at least 30.
Thank you, awesome :D
Its actually really cool, amazing to drive as well and has a fair bit of detail. Well done!
Thank you for doing this!!