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Super Formula Dallara SF14

Super Formula Dallara SF14 0.9

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Dallara SF14 updated for Assetto Corsa

changes to aero.ini and engine.ini
slight decrease in drag and slight increase in downforce.
Updated U.I. folder and JSON file
Updated Sound
(Default setup car has long gearing and high wing setting's)






Latest updates

  1. Updates to drivetrain.ini and ai.ini

    Update 0.9 (Current) -Changes to ai.ini (Upshift and Downshift) -Changes to AutoShift in the...
  2. 0.8 update

    -Added p2p to Dallara SF14(Early implantation improvements will be made.) -Dallara SF14 S1...
  3. New Sounds

    New sounds for SF14 and SF14 S1

Latest reviews

Is this an a rfactor conversion ? the mod is ok but sound weird haha
That scores about a 13 out of 10. Yeh man, hope to see more of your talent.
The last two updates certainly made the car way better, good job. You deserve it.
I didn't think that car could get any better. Good on ya.
Very decent overall, but I do feel like (although super formula is extremely fast) it's still a bit too fast. Beats the sf19 physics file mod easily. Really appreciate the effort though, way better than the original mod :).
I used the lap times from Suzuka circuit mainly for physics testing. I plan on adding P2P to the SF14 and removing the S1 version.
Super gold medal dude. You know a lot about making sound files.
Thank you a lot for this mod
That's just to good. Very nice on you.
File size
83.3 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.75 star(s) 4 ratings

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