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Super Formula 2013 2014-07-07

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I have converted this rfactor mod to GSC Extreme, and with the original creators permission I can now release on RD.

So many thanks to Luthien and his team for allowing me to convert,modify and then release this for GSC. Please don't upload this anywhere else out of respect to original creators.


Modeling,Physics,Manager: L.Remillia
PhysicsAdviser:Emilia Petrarca,Miura Azusa
Sound file supplier: C3-R2

After conversion I have enabled realfeel in the mod, also changed some physics parameters to work better in GSC, also created an rFm file and section for the mod.

(no need to worry about reiza rfm numbers anymore)

Japanese Championship SUPER FORMULA is the top category of Japanese formula racing featuring purpose-built racing cars with single-seat, open cockpit and open wheel. Organized by Japan Race Promotion Inc. and fully sanctioned by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF), SUPER FORMULA traces back its origins to the Japanese Championship Formula NIPPON first launched in 1996. 2013 saw the relaunch of the series given a new name of SUPER FORMULA.

Extract to your GSC installation and overwrite.

Used with 540 degrees rotation with 23 degree lock. No need to change realfeel value's if you don't want to. The FFB has a lot of feedback to the wheel with lots of information.




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All is good, but physics is a piece of ****
Great driving feel, cockpit grafics could be getter. Thanks thou im injoying it :)
Top notch Paul! (All your mods are!!) Thanks!!!!!