Super Aguri 2006 by LeoDSV 2017-11-06

An old mod that went expired on the forum, replaces HRT

  1. PaoloManzi
    Like in the previous post of the Red Bull, that's not a mod made by me.

    This is, if I'm not wrong, from LeoDSV. Sadly like every mod of F1 2012 made before April 2013 the download disappeared on this site. I have it so I decided to upload again. I think I'm doing something useful. Tell me if it's a problem for someone.

    --> Also, if someone still have F1 2012 mods that went lost I please everyone to upload again.

    Thank you and good game to everyone.
    (Sadly I don't think to have any other mods on my laptop different from the ones still on the site)


    1. 544-s.jpg
    2. 545-s.jpg
    3. 546-s.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Kasap_F1
    Version: 2017-11-06
    Pleaseeee make more skins like this. It is amazing.
    Can you please create 2008 honda skin or force india???
  2. Racer501
    Version: 2017-11-06
    I like you start to upload extint mod (if i can say it like that), i have and ML2166 designs mercedes and other mods, i think im gonna upload the mercedes.
    1. PaoloManzi
      Author's Response
      That would be great!