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Sunny Sky Speed racing livery pack 1.0

(Semi-)Fictional race skins for various race cars

  1. Added 2 Frerrari 458 Speciale Scuderia skins

    Grand Tourist
    Just added the latest 2 Ferrari 458 Scuderia Speciale GT3 skins.
    More will follow...off course.
    2015-04-22_00001.jpg 2015-04-22_00002.jpg 2015-04-22_00003.jpg 2015-04-22_00004.jpg 2015-04-22_00005.jpg 2015-04-22_00006.jpg 2015-04-22_00007.jpg 2015-04-22_00008.jpg 2015-04-22_00009.jpg 2015-04-22_00011.jpg
  2. important change made to Lotus Evora GTC Beast skin, occlusion layer!!!!

    Grand Tourist
    Sorry guys, forgot the occlusion layer :sleep::cautious::whistling::redface: in the last update for the Lotus GTC. Also deleted the psd file in the skin.
    Again, enjoy :).
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  3. Added Lotus Evora GTC Kunos Beast Wildcat skin

    Grand Tourist
    2015-03-29_00001.jpg 2015-03-29_00002.jpg 2015-03-29_00003.jpg 2015-03-29_00004.jpg 2015-03-29_00005.jpg 2015-03-29_00006.jpg 2015-03-29_00007.jpg 2015-03-29_00008.jpg 2015-03-29_00009.jpg 2015-03-29_00011.jpg added 1 new car: Lotus Evora GTC with Kunos Beast Wildcat skin (also available seperately).
  4. reworked old skins, added suits by blackcelica, 1 skin added

    Grand Tourist
    Already new update with reworked old skins, added 1 "new" old skin, added suits by blackcelica for every car.
    reworked Schumacher Tribute skin. Just to keep him remembered and to support him along his recovery. The skin still needs some work, I realise that.
    2015-03-26_00001.jpg 2015-03-26_00003.jpg 2015-03-26_00004.jpg

  5. file uploaded

    Grand Tourist
    Some screens of the SCG Bilstein P4/5.
    2015-03-26_00005.jpg 2015-03-26_00006.jpg 2015-03-26_00010.jpg 2015-03-26_00018.jpg 2015-03-26_00032.jpg 2015-03-26_00110.jpg 2015-03-26_00120.jpg 2015-03-26_00121.jpg
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