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Subida_alisas_v18 1.9

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Real track located in Spain, Cantabria,
used by the Cantabra Federation of Motorsport, to score the Mountain Championship.
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Latest updates

  1. Subida_alisas_v18_1.9

    fixedup - exposure of some materials - lighting and specular of some materials and textures -...

Latest reviews

Still good in 2020 cheers
Love the layout and it would be great with slower cars if race mode is working with AI.Would love to try that.Graphics needs work but to me more importent is road feel.It feels very flat I dont know about real road there but it would be better with bumps,mash ...I hope you will add some road feel and AI.
Beautiful and fun to drive !
I love it. Thank you very much.
I'm glad you like it
I'm surprised at the lack of reviews for this track - this is a good mod!

Some areas I'd pay attention to;

The trees - These need looking at as some of them look like cardboard cut-outs. Maybe a re-texture is needed, or failing that, simply rotate them a bit so that it isn't so obvious when you drive toward them.

The crowds - Any chance of replacing or removing the ugly 3D cyborgs that hang around the edges of the road? I don't know why people use these as they look worse than even the stock Kunos crowds - and they're bad enough!

The metal fence on the last bend - This can be driven through and you get caught behind the solid brick wall right next to it. Quite frustrating if you've had a good run and then get trapped a few metres from the finish line! Any chance of making this solid like the other fences around the track?

Other than these (minor) tweaks, I'd say this is one of the best hillclimb mods for AC and definitely deserves more attention.
Please carry on this great piece of work - 5 stars when it's finished, easily!
thanks for the feedback
Much better lighting. Had a good time driving it back down also-except for the red dot in the middle of the screen. Drives well both directions
Nicely done! What an excellent layout! I agree that the track is a bit too dark, feels like a digital photo that was underexposed by a full stop.

An option to remove the pedestrians would be nice as well.
thanks for the feedback, the dark will soon be corrected
Nice hill climb. Just a little dark. Good work
thanks for feedback
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