Subaru WRX Possum Bourne Rally of NZ '95 2015-11-24

Legendary Kiwi's SWRT WRX from the Rally of NZ

  1. edgenz

    Full credit for this work goes to Meerkat80 for his brilliant 1995 Subaru livery.
    I highly recommend that you download his livery first, as it contains his wheel and internal textures which I have not included in my file.
    His livery is located here:

    All modifications I've made on top of Meerkat80’s original work have been listed below. I take no credit for anything not mentioned.

    Modifications to Meerkat80’s livery:
    1) Main texture: Added RallyNZ event plates, changed driver/co-driver names & flags, changed number plate, added 555 Subaru Rally Team to hood air-vent.
    2) Specular texture: Changed placement of event plate on hood, changed driver/co-driver & flags, added 555 Subaru Rally Team to hood air vent.
    3) Glass texture: Added RallyNZ event plate, added #2 to front window.

    ******* Recommended Install Instructions *******
    1) Download and install Meerkat80’s 1995 Subaru livery:
    2) Add my modified .pssg file to the 555 texture folder of your choice (livery_25 by default, to compliment Meerkat80’s cars - but change filename as desired)
    3) Copy and paste Meerkat80’s wheel texture files into this folder.

    P3.jpg P4.jpg



    This livery is a tribute to New Zealand’s greatest rally driver to date, Possum Bourne.

    The Kiwi legend drove this car in the 1995 Rally of New Zealand for the Subaru World Rally Team, alongside Colin McRae and Richard Burns.

    Enough said.



    Meerkat80: Without his original work this livery wouldn’t exist. Also, check out his blog for some excellent livery creation tips:
    Ryder PSSG Editor: Thanks for this fantastic program.


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  1. viper71ms
    Version: 2015-11-24
    Brilliant work
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