STW 1994 2016-01-24

1994 Super Tourenwagen Cup season by baika

  1. baika
    1994 Super Tourenwagen Cup season by baika

    You'll need the following downloads to work:
    -AL Super Touring Seasons 1.3 by Andreas Larsson aka AndreasFSC
    -Super Touring Toyota Carina 0.9 by Andreas Larsson aka AndreasFSC
    -Opel Astra by nebehr

    ClassID is 84.
    Tested on RaceOn Offline.

    Some of the skins are not 100% accurate, because there are very few photos and information about some of the cars, for eg. Bervids or Coronels car.
    Because of that, some skins are semi-fictional, based on the drivers other skins from other championships from that year.
    For example i used Bervids Spa24h and World Tourincar Cup skins for his STW skin. Engstlers "ducky" skin is very low quality, because of the lack of good photos.

    The season consisted 8 rounds. After the Audis clean sweap on the first 2 rounds, the Motorsport Federation allowed the other
    manufacturers to use advanced aerodynamic parts, like rear wing and front splitter.
    That's why i used the "winged" versions of the cars, except Duez's and Tassins BMW, because they are raced only in the first 2 rounds.
    For René Hollingers Mitsubishi i used the Toyota Carina model, because there's no Lancer model exists.

    I would like to say a big THANK YOU to:

    -Andreas Larsson aka AndreasFSC for his brilliant mod
    -nebehr for his Astra model
    -Markano97 for his help and inspiration
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Recent Reviews

  1. Markano97
    Version: 2016-01-24
    The skinpack is great!Amazing work.With this season all seasons of the adac stw are now available for the supertourers!Looking forward to more skinpacks from you.