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Stuck3 Lambo GT3 24h Race Nürburgring 1.0

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Latest reviews

Nice effort but the car is quite underpowered for a lambo (slugish accel and top speed of 260 somthing at Nardo). Sound isn't right either. Nice effort though.
this is about the skin and not the car

This is a pleasant surprise, nice work! This car needs moar skins... and hopefully updated sounds... but still amazing as is, love that R8 mod sound anyway, so can't complain too much ;) Thanks for all your awesome skins!
Very nice skin ! Thanks all to car download link.
Hey guys really nice Skin, any chance you could please tell me or send me the link so i can download the car????? Thanks!!!!!
great car! thank you mate
Hey Great Skin you made for this Fine car Thanks so much...............=)
Thank you!
Great job, thanks mate !
OMGOSH!! She is beautiful!! This I gata drive!!