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Streets Of Homebush 2010 v1.0

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this layout n track is based on 2010 v8 round I have a new version out now to test cheers look for Sydney500
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Thanks for bringing both versions of this track to rF2!
nice work mate..thanks for getting this out before the v8s on the weekend..Cheers!!!
cheers I am working on new version which should be out Thursday Friday. the new version is slightly closer to the real version of homebush n in time ill plug away at it n make it more closer. first release will also not be as good in graphics looks but in time ill bring the track up to 2015 eye candy cheers. SO HOPE FROSTY GETS UP
Awesome work! Thank you!
Thursday ill have a better version n over time I have a long list of high quality textures to give it a 2015 gaming seen n eye candy is the goal. the version that will be out on Thursday is a reworked of this one I wanted to give people a taste of the old version to see the track layout difference. so over time I will update textures n so on. cheers on the feedbacks negative positive it all counts.