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Storm Wet 2018 1.2

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Now also better configured for medium settings too

- Addition of the mode worked in the medium settings of weather effects
- Less rainwater in the medium configuration of weather effects
- Smaller soil droplets in the medium configuration of weather effects
- Ultra High setting continues with the same job!
See the installer when you mouse over the properties of each version! The recommended versions are still the smaller or large version yet, the Dense versions bring a whiter spray, they should be stronger, but the game does not work very well with the spray, getting stronger in a replay than in the game, I tried hours and days and that's what I got! The Dense 2 version had a good result, but to achieve this the texture quality is not very good! Already the common Dense, is reasonable, but has a white tone a bit bright!


If you put the weather options in the graphic options in medium, it will have a very, very, very strong rain, and some effects will not be there, as well as the size of some things like the drops will be bigger, because the mod was made for use with everything on Ultra!
In the Ultra option, you can enjoy the fine adjustments of the mod!
Game Options> Settings> Graphics Options> Advanced Setup> Weather Effects > and put in Ultra Hight

- Two version with a whiter spray added (not the best result, but are what you can get this year in something close to a dense spray)
- Change of spray large, where now it is slightly larger
- Improvements in raindrops (The bug in the agglomerate of drops that sometimes appears can not be removed without removing these drops, I prefer the game with drops)
- Improved smoke in dry weather