Stockcar Light Brasil

Stockcar Light Brasil 1.2

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Here my first project for Automobilista.

Convert the Stock Car Light Brasil 2007 from rFactor to AMS.

Included in this mod:

* Materials reworked with AMS shaders.
* New cockpit with info display.
* AMS tyre physics.
* Better sounds (V8).

To do points:

* Making headlights working.

Because at this moment its not possible to make the mod standalone, because the meny of AMS did not work well.

You can find the mod under All Cars and Tracks / StockcarLight.

Extract this rar file to your:
Steam\SteamApps\common\Automobilista dir.

I hope you all have a nice drive with this.

Thanks goes to:
Westphalen Simulations

Latest updates

  1. Stock Car Light Brasil

    New version 1.2 with working SRS file. You can overwrite version 1.1. Have fun.
  2. Stock Car Light Brasil

    Here version 1.1 of the mod. * Add disc glow to the car * Change steeringlock to 18 * Reworked...

Latest reviews

loveing the mod
Wonderful, the only thing to correct, the sound of the brakes, which is really annoying.
As a detail: A smaller icon that combines with the rest.
Thank you very much.

Sorry for my English, it's the translator's.
EVERYTHING IS GOOD, except for the lack of sound when racing in full revs, the sound is missing with some "cracking" sounds, but the sound is back to normal when going inside the corner. fix?
Excellent work from a respected modder.
Thank you
this is the best mod for now i've seen for AMS, the sounds, the interiors, everything seems almost perfect. what still to be imporved? i cant tell about that but i think it still can be better. at the moment i just want to enjoy it.
I have never been into "stock car", until I got Automobilista. :)
Thanks to you and your great work!
Easy to handle "beginner" Stock Cars, just like you'd expect them to be. Lots of fun!
Thank you!
Very nice conversion, very nicely done. The base mod shows its age but you made the best out of it! Car looks good, drives good; quite easy too handle but that seems realistic. Good addition to the game as it was the entry level to Stock Car Brazil. The bodies are just too shiny and I personally find the brake whine really annoying; I wouldn't mind being less realistic here… Thank you for sharing!
I downloaded version 1.2 and did some tests and then a couple of series races. Everything worked fine and sounded and felt great. I am not any kind of sim racing expert so my opinion is just based upon my rookie experience, but the car drove like it was one the default AMS cars.
Good mod. Only a small fuel problem, in a 15 lap race, I loaded fuel for 16 laps and in the lap 12 I was without fuel.
The drive of this car was very fun. An icon by a main menu is too big and isn't in harmony.
Crashs and cant load track, issues with
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
Very strange. I shall look at it.
Superb...Thanks for this mod,and your time to do it..:)
Cars are really nice to drive..
But Its a shame that the base RF mod has low quality.

And you still need to add some things, SRS,Collision Box. etc
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
Collision Box added and new car shadows.
Franklin Stegink
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