Stock Satsuma Savepack [2019]

Stock Satsuma Savepack [2019] 2.0

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awesome source i like that the rust paint is on the car and is a great save thx who ever sees this review download the save

ps could you do this with all of the rusty paintjobs
very nice
good but the sh*tsuma don't start
You are downloading older saves, there will always be problems with the Satsuma when you do this. Look for the most recently updated save games and you should have no problems. Thanks for the review and enjoy playing.
Marry me please.
Absolutely great save, thanks bro! This is a save that works good for us who likes to do things ourselfes but not building the car since its a pain in the ass. Thanks bro! I choose the stock 60 ish hp save but its great. Engine runs good.