Stock Car V8 Automobilista 1.0

A fictional skin inspired by the new Automobilista logo

  1. alexSchmurtz
    Let's continue the hype around the new Reiza game coming! :D I really like the logo and thought it could lead to a nice scheme: here it is, on the Stock Car V8 first. I discovered the serie with SCE and I am glad that it will still be the heart of AMS.
    I choose Renato Simioni as a driver, as he is the boss... But I wanted to thanks all the people working for Reiza: I find they are nice persons, very helpful and very respectful. Pretty efficient too!
    Helmet is based on the one from Renato's kart in game (but I redid it with touring cars shading); I also made a suit that fits the car.
    StockV8_Automobilista_1.jpg StockV8_Automobilista_2.jpg StockV8_Automobilista_3.jpg StockV8_Automobilista_4.jpg StockV8_Automobilista_5.jpg StockV8_Automobilista_6.jpg

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    Jake Fangio
    Version: 1.0