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Stock Car 2015 - NASCAR on NBC Promo 1.0

Accurate replica of the Nick Offerman NASCAR

  1. Gui Cramer
    No need to explain or describe it. Just this:

    I made sure to make everything as accurately as possible given model constraints so if you wish to rate and it's not 5 stars, first write in the support topic. I used the Titan model because it's the closest to the commercial's car. The helmet, suit and driver face came out especially well (you might faintly see his face on certain tracks).

    If you wish to borrow some of my work contact me first, and if I don't respond just provide credit. If you are enjoying my work and would like to show any appreciation then feel free to donate, even just $1 makes a difference.


    RD.JPG RD (2).JPG RD (3).jpg NBCSN (6).JPG

Recent Reviews

  1. leseb64
    Version: 1.0
    thanks and nice video^^
    1. Gui Cramer
      Author's Response
      You're welcome! This only exists because of that absurd video, haha.