[Steelseries] Force India Skin 2017-10-14

force india with bizzare logo

  1. Thyo
    Use only this mod if you understand how to restore your previous skin before installing this mod!
    I cannot guarantee you'll like this mod!
    I posted here because I need some opinion from you guys about my works!

    First of all, this mod replace Force India skin
    Using Red-Bull Chassis!
    The numbers are #11 [Sergio Perez] #31 [Esteban Ocon]
    Surely both of them will race further because their contract.

    How to install:
    Well, extract all files from downloaded rar to F1 2014 installation folder /cars/fc2
    if you had some camera bugs, please copy your own cameras.ini file from cars/rb2

    Screenshot (1).png
    Screenshot (2).png
    Screenshot (3).png
    Please understand my photoshop skill is 'ugly', so I heavily needs advice and good critizism.
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