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STCC AFSC TinyTweak 1.0

Update to STCC (1)

  1. AndreasFSC
    STCC AFSC TinyTweak
    This is one of many (probably...) 'AFSC TinyTweak' updates to original contents of Race 07 and it's expansions.
    Since the game was made over 10 years ago they had to limit the cpu usage with simplified ai car physics.
    This results in a quite slidey/floaty behaviour.
    Of course the computers of today could handle a lot more, so there are some potential to unlock in the game.
    The aim with these updates is to make the ai cars drive more like real cars and to fix a few errors.
    The specs of the cars are not changed (unless it is necessary), and most .gmt and .dds files are left unedited to keep the original game feeling.

    This 'AFSC TinyTweak' includes:

    * Updated .tyr file to reduce ai car 'floating', based on ETCC 2002 files (but no complete physics like suspension files etc.).
    * Some tweaks to the .hdc files to increase suspension calculations for smoother ai driving and steering behaviour.
    * Increased distances for 1st and 2nd LODs.
    * Fixed very dark Honda Accord livery textures.
    * Fixed 'dark edge' that were missing on Volvo C30 headlights.

    To install, unzip into: ...\race 07\Gamedata\Teams\STCC

    STCC (1) expansion is needed for this update.
    The original .tyr and .hdc files are included if you want to uninstall this 'AFSC TinyTweak'.

    This file is made to be uploaded at Racedepartment.com, and should not be uploaded anywhere else.

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