STCC 1999-2000 Supertouringmod 1.5

STCC 1999 & 2000 For AndreasFSC's Supertouringmod

  1. biffenh
    STCC 1999-2000 Mod FOR RACE07/EVO

    !! Requires ALSupertouringmod by AndreasFSC!!

    This is my first mod ever so please be gentle.

    Since this is the first release i want as much feedback as possible.
    I know some logos and such is missing on most cars, if you got reference pictures i would be
    happy if you share them.



    Version 1.5
    Added worksteams of Season 1999

    version 1.4
    Included '99 spec Honda Accord
    Implented the mod with ALBTCC to save space
    Corrected weight in the menu

    version 1.3
    Included Chrysler Stratus (By Ruben Donoso)
    New ford grill and bmw mirrors (Thanks AndreasFSC)
    Recalculated interia values (all cars)
    Tweaked talentfiles
    Weight for quattro is now 1150kg
    One tyrefile for all cars

    Version 1.2
    Tweaked all talentfiles
    Included graphical changes by AndreasFSC
    Added Opel Vectra
    Tweaked physics for all cars
    Changed Rimtextures

    Version 1.1
    Tweaked some talentfiles
    New wheel archs? (hjulhus) on ford and volvo
    Bugfix on BMW
    New DriverID's.

    Version 1.0
    First Public Release.


    Car ID:

    Will be updated

    Class ID:


    Drivers ID:

    19990** and 20000**

    **= Drivernumber



    Big Thanks for the original supertouringmod and remodeling and feedback
    during the making of this mod.

    Robert Wiesenm├╝ller
    For the talentfiles.

    Ruben Donoso
    For the original chrysler model wich AndreasFSC added wings and such.

    Racedepartment Community
    For all the kind words.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Mattia21
    Version: 1.5
    Just wondering, but what version of AL Supertouring Seasons does it require? Because when i try to see them they don't show up :(
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