Start Light operating for monaco_osrw track in Assetto Corsa 2017-11-05

To have the start lights operating in monaco_osrw track_1.1 / 1.2

  1. patrikpat
    Hi guys.. if you like to have the start lights operating in monaco_osrw track, use this patch.
    put the zip content into the monaco_osrw folder.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Peregrine
    Version: 2017-11-05
    Awesome you made the track a lot more realistic could you do all the acu tracks?
    1. patrikpat
      Author's Response
      Yes... I do this for that! You know, I'm working on monaco and mexico acu.
  2. dreamer
    Version: 2017-11-05
    great job, don't stop here.
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