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St.Luzia Revival 1.0 2018-02-24

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Stª. Luzia Ramp is located in Viana do Castelo just 30 minutes north of Porto Airport.
Was for many years one of the main Ramps of the Portuguese National Rally Championship, it integrated the editions of Portugal Rally in 1977 and 1978 and was recovered in 1990 and 1991.
In 2014 the Ramp was recovered in revival format by Viana Motor Club with the collaboration of the City Council, being a purely Tourist event without any type of associated Competition.
In 2017 the city of Viana do Castelo becomes part of the first stage of Rally of Portugal venue and the access to the beginning of the new section is done through the Santa Luzia ascent.

This is the first track I have created and is based on the 2017 Revival event layout.

I've lost track of the number of days dedicated to this project so if you feel it was worth it, please let me know!

If you really love the track you can also donate here:


Hope you enjoy it as much as I do

E-mail: motoliser@gmail.com

The Real event consisted of:
Classics & Competition Classics Program on Saturday and the Pre-Classics and Competition Sports on Sunday, the edition also included two interesting features the rise / demonstration of classic motorcycle models used at the time in competition and stylized models with "Retro" inspiration, and two nocturnal climbs on Saturday, started at 9pm and final at 11pm.


Latest reviews

Incredibly good looking, well made and fun track, especially as a first track. There are only two things that leave me wanting. AC or Content Manager does not seem to record lap times in any of the useable modes, which is annoying but I don't know if the map is to blame, this seems to be a common thing with many point-to-point maps. The other thing is that ui.json is severely lacking. I fixed it for myself, mostly with information provided in this post, and some things I changed myself. Here's how it looks now:
"name": "St.Luzia",
"description": "St. Luzia Ramp is located in Viana do Castelo just 30 minutes north of Porto Airport. This track is based on the 2017 Revival event layout.",
"tags" : ["A2B","original","rally","hillclimb","hill climb"],
"geotags": ["41° 42′ 00″ N", "8° 50′ 00″ W"],
"country": "Portugal",
"city": "Viana do Castelo",
"length": "2222",
"width": "10m-12m",
"pitboxes": "26",
"author": "motolizer",
"version": "1.0",
"year": 2017,
"url": "https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/st-luzia-revival-1-0.19824/",
"run": "point-to-point"
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Not working
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Love the look of the track but on one of the last turn of the esses there is an invisible ramp that flings my car upside down.
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Love the track, I have been there watching the rally stages and this looks incredible, only problem im having is that the time doesnt register... I start from the start line and when I cross the finish line it doesnt detect...
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Amazing job! wow.
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thank you
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Obrigado, stunning detail.
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Excellent, I had a lot of fun! Problems are no TV cameras, and a bug regarding the personal time (00:00:002 each time).
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This Hill Climb its on my home Town, my home mountain, the level of detail its truly amazing ! For those who think its to bumpy, the real life version its worst and offers less grip, personally I think motoliser did a great job of difficulty & enjoyment while "keeping it real". As for Drift fans, here's something I did https://youtu.be/cGTDqSm1Yn0 Its my personal tribute to what became my favourite spot in AC since I found it 2 days ago and its creator ! Massive thanks Motoliser !!
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I´m no friend of hillclimbs, but this one is very nice. Thx a lot for it. :)
Perhaps I´ll make a light config for it later. I suppose it would look amazing, but just don´t know if there are the right objects to attach the lights on.
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awesome !!!! very great mod !!!
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Great Track! I love hillclimbes. But has nobody else the problem that timig is not working propper?? It does only work when i start from the pits and even than it gets sometime nonsensicle! Personal best 00:00.002...
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Excellent. Pitty it has no TV cameras...
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Great track. Thank you. Came from Poland, I've been there 3 times.
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grandisimo trabajo
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Very beautiful detailed environment and very interesting surface! Great job.
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Amazing work! I was there two weeks ago lol
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