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Sprint Car 2019-09-01

Winged sprint car for Assetto Corsa

  1. ChrisJamesSmith
    This isnt my own car, but I have found this on the inter-webs and figured that with all of the people on the forums I frequent asking for a sprint car for AC that maybe others would find this useful. I am in the process of making up a track, Im from california and the closest track to me is PAS (Perris Auto Speedway) although I have been to Ventura and even Ascot back when it was still around. So I am doing my best to get a track uploaded. If anyone has a dirt oval please message me because I would love to give this a run on an actual dirt oval. - Chris
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Recent Reviews

  1. Dave Thayer
    Dave Thayer
    Version: 2019-09-01
    The cars look nice, but using them for AI offline on any track for racing is terrible. I tried several different type tracks and the AI cars spin off the starting grid and only move about a few feet from the start and stop and dont go anymore. My car moves around ok but nothing to race against, they(AI) all stop. They may work for online with real drivers. I only have time to do AI racing.

    Note: I know it is not your car mod, and I am rating the car itself not you who posted the sprint car. It is just a bad mod for AI racing.
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