Spotter 1.2.1

App adds a spotter warning you about nearby cars

  1. Volume + HMD fixes

    Update notes:
    - switched from winsound to pyfmodex audio library
    -- support for more audio encodings (PCM, mp3, Vorbis, etc.)
    -- added volume control in app
    - switched audio to play even when app is hidden (to allow it to work on Oculus Rift)

    This update was prompted by rafffel on the AC forums - he wrote an audio notifications app for use with the Oculus Rift, and pointed out the ways the Spotter app is inadequate for that, so I've improved it. No real functionality changes, just better support for the Rift. Although in the library switch, the way multiple notifications (eg. "car right, car on both sides, car left" as you drive past 3 cars) are sent may have changed slightly since the new one plays back a different way.

    If you want to turn the audio notifications off, you'll need to set the volume to 0, or disable specific types of notification within the app configuration screen.
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