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Spotter 1.2.1

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App detects cars to your left & right, cars stopped, cars going slowly.
If they're near enough, it displays text and plays an audio notification in the style of a spotter.

Unzip into your steamapps/common/assettocorsa/ folder, select icon.

audio clips are in apps/python/Spotter/audio/ subfolders and if you add your own folder it will use the clips in there. Include audio.ini to define the specific wav files, or to include multiple clips for one event.
alternate audio is also available in the Assetto Corsa forum thread (see "Alternate Audio" section for multiple options)
text is in apps/python/Spotter/text/, by default it uses english1.txt but you can add others by writing your own messages on the same lines.
Also see Spotter.ini for configuration parameters that didn't make it into the UI (they're just in the 'display' section, the rest is on the UI)

A lot of people are slow, you might want to turn that down from 60% to even lower.

I wrote the bulk of the script.
Some of the audio code is thanks to Rombik.
Other audio code thanks to rafffel.
The included audio is by Wattie.

Latest updates

  1. AC 1.3 compatibility

    - 32-bit and 64-bit compatible - change to the slow/stopped algorithms to make the app shut up...
  2. Volume + HMD fixes

    Update notes: - switched from winsound to pyfmodex audio library -- support for more audio...
  3. More things work, more modder friendly... 1.0

    You can download alternative audio sets over on the AC forums -...

Latest reviews

I downloaded and installed several times but no matter what there is no audio coming through the speaker from the Spotter app!!!
Any suggestions how to make this app work in AC??
It's only compatible with Windows 7, not 10
App seems to be dead. Doesn't work in the current game version
doesn't work in current AC version.
Yep, still crashes when starting session.
Dead APP Last update 2015 . now crash the game
game crashes
Only 32 bits? I can not start the race.
Because there is no way to confirm ...
game crashes all time :P
crashes the game when starting.
Crashes the game, No idea why, tested on modded and standard tracks with modded and standard cars.
Game crashes when iam using it with Rift or the vive, which for me is the only way to run AC, 2bad
Works great in 32bit 1.3.7 cant recommend enough, crashes the launcher in 64bit mode for me, hope this can be fixed as its single screen must have. thanks
Great app!!! Must Have In MP Races.
Amazing app, with configuration it becomes a must-have.
Thanks very much, works a treat :)
Still likes to report standing cars in pits when driving by and sometimes driving in pits causes "endless" massages.
Otherwise nice and definitely needs custom settings. Unfortunately can also make people lazy to pay attention to their surroundings and instead rely on an app.
Awesome add-on
Very useful with a single screen , thank you!
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