Sportsland SUGO

Sportsland SUGO 1.1

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Thanks For All the coments

Sportsland SUGO
Sportsland SUGO is a motorsports facility located in the town of Murata, Shibata District, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. It opened in 1975 and is one of the largest motorsports facilities in Japan, with a total area of 2.1 million m². It offers four specialized race courses - a road racing course, a motocross course, a trials course, and a go-kart course.

Track features:

  • 30 Pits and Grid spots
  • Working ai
  • 3d grass
  • Trackmap
  • Changes to suit the 2015/16 videos ,publicity boards road surroundings curbs position curbs usage
  • Physical mesh
  • 2 Camera sets helicopter style (More camera sets in the future !)
  • Animated flags
Special thanks to:

-@tabis To find all the physical holes in the mesh (You rock!!)

-@Nick Moxley For physical mesh testing and bug hunting
-@Mike1304 For performance and stability testing

-@Michael Hornbuckle For bug hunting and general friend support
-@marlo0081 For bug hunting and general friend support
-@Boris Lozac For bug hunting
-@AccAkut For bug hunting , performance and stability testing
-@alex72 For bug hunting and general friend support
-@ Akis Kev For bug hunting and general friend support

-@ Andreas Knöpke For bug hunting
-@Brownninja97 For bug hunting
-@Bugatti For bug hunting


Thanks For All the coments

Please do not upload the track anywhere , use the racedepartment link images and video


Latest updates

  1. Sportsland Sugo update 1.1

    -Updated curb textures -Updated tarmac texture -Updated grass texture -Updated 3d grass texture...

Latest reviews

espectacular! excellent! good job..grazie mille!
The quality of the circuit is very good, and with the introduction of TV Camera, it can be played as almost complete SUGO and the play value is very high.
However, if the first chicane's curb is high and the AI level is high, an accident will always occur on the first lap.
In addition, there is a hole in front of the 17th pit from the beginning, and the car that came out falls and cannot start normally.
I would be very grateful if you could correct these.
Nice to meet you.
good track, need cameras asap!
Awesome Track!!!Only minor downside is the tv camera.Good work!!!
good , just bug : several holes in the pits, pass through the map
Nice little track. Great layout and nicely done. Thanks.
Only missing is a replay TV style.
Never though this one would get a update. Very happy with it but it would be nice if the 2d trees closest to the track where replaced by 3d trees to make it look just a little bit better.
japan, race track, tuned cars - perfect world
Good job, I was hoping for an update to this to fix the previous issues. Thanks so much for bringing us one.

Now we just need some replay cameras!
Great track. I look forward to more cameras and updates. Thanks for taking the time to make this for us.
Not bad, but not on PCARS 2 level in details and look.
Great track! I only hotlaped it jet...
Huge hole in pitlane, please fix, otherwise great
Great track, but there's a major issue in the pits and we couldn't use this for our racing league (Lega Corsa):
You can tell a lot of work went into this track !
Stunning !
Thank you !
This track deserves so much more attention. It's really well done. It has a huge cock and is "ficking geil". :D
Great work ! Thanks

For maybe helping you to the futher update ( if more update are planned ).
I have notice these two things:
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