Sponsors and advertisements on track replacement 1.0

This "mod" replaces on track sponsors to sponsors more accurate to the tracks in real life.

  1. Aleks123
    This is my first mod and i had a bit of help from a friend..
    This mod replaces all default sponsors and advertisements on tracks with more realistic and accurate to real life ones. Sponsors also match the country where the track is.

    ATTENTION: The sponsors are modified to look appropriate on custom cup, time trial and online, since the sponsors on career mode change in each event. This means the sponsors aren't going to look right in career mode.

    This is the first version, the second version with mipmaps might come out later

    Instructions and more screenshots are in the ReadMe file.

    20170318232813_1.jpg 20170318233335_1.jpg 20170318233833_1.jpg 20170318234609_1.jpg 20170318235702_1.jpg 20170319001946_1.jpg 20170319004710_1.jpg 20170319001139_1.jpg 20170319003047_1.jpg

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    Version: 1.0
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    Version: 1.0
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