Sponsor-less Mercedes 1.0

A clean Mercedes livery without sponsors such as Petronas and Puma

  1. midgetminigun
    This is just a simple mod, I removed the sponsors from the Mercedes car to leave a clean platform to either race with or for designers to use as a clean template for their own skin designs. Some aspects were left behind such as the Mercedes & AMG logos, as well as the #KeepFightingMichael tag out of respect for Schumi.
    I did make minor changes to the Petronas colouring on the Side pods and front wing, without this change I could not achieve a clean look.
    A read me is included with in depth installation instructions.
    Screenshots below and be sure to tell me about any bugs you find!
    Screenshot 1.jpg Side View Screenshot 5.jpg
    Side View
    Screenshot 4.jpg Front View
    Screenshot 3.jpg Rear View
    Screenshot 2.jpg T-Cam

    Enjoy! Other cars to come! (if you need to, make a request for a car to be higher Priority)
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Recent Reviews

  1. abonz97
    Version: 1.0
    Great job! I love it because now you can personalize it as you like!
    P.S. Can you do Ferrari next? Thanks
    1. midgetminigun
      Author's Response
      Thanks alot! Ferrari Coming right up!
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