Spielberg 2.0

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Whats is new in version 2.0:
- complete new 2016 layout (added new curbs, concrete, carpet and cubes)
- remodeled 1st turn with curbs and runoff areas
- changed all the yellow curbs in all tight corners with new ones from 2016
- lighting change of plenty of objects to looks more real, specially in the dark
- physical layer adjusted
- new AI for both layouts
- racing line adjusted a lot (changed and put on the ground level, so no driving through) to look way more real - lots of hours spent on it
- brake and skidmarks added and adjusted (on track and in pits)
- new waving flags around the track (on a demend)
- added dust on the road surface (mostly sand, taken out of sand traps)
- added lake in the middile of the track
- sand traps surface adjusted to act like real sand now
- lots of small changes
What is new in version 1.4:
- new 2016 layout (added new curb and modified run off area into 1st turn) according to real life modifications of the real track
- new lighting (ambient & diffuse) of the tarmac and run-off areas (according to Assetto Corsa 1.5 and higher) and many other objects
- changed some mash (track, grass and send trap)
- remodeled the up hill into 1st & 2nd turn
- changed curbs and cubes (beside curbs on outer side) in some of the turns (to suit to current layout)
- changed and added some trees
- added big Red Bull AirRace logo on the ground bellow from turn 2 to 3 (as it is there now)
- re-edited tv cameras to look more real and batter to watch
- added some dirt on the road (mostly sand)
- some small modifications
What`s new in version 1.3:
- new inner skill course
- complete new lighting of all object (looks way more real now)
- changed some curbs
- changed some skidmarks
- polished lot of the mesh, to look smoother on many places
- some changes according to 2016
- plenty of small changes all around

New video on main page.
Whats new in update 1.21 (some bugs from previous version need to be fixed):
- fixed some starting grid (sorry, forgot to do it in preiuos version)
- added some spectators on grand stands and improve their lighting
- modified all 3 TV cameras for full course
Whats new in version 1.2:
- modified distance of starting positions to suit to the real ones (important!)
- redesigned the yellow curb out of turn 1
- changed some skidmakrs and cracks in the road surface
- changed some white lines
What`s new in version 1.1:
- two versions of the track: full and south course now available
- split both versions in AC style
- added long yellow curb on left side out of turn 1 (and removed 2 small ones)
- changed the red/white curb on left side out of turn 1
- added some grass/soil mixes beside curbs (wher cars drives off the curbs)
- changed some skidmarks and racing line (to suit to both versions of the track)
- some curbs changed to make them easier to drive on
- changed the trees lighting
- some minor changes of many objects
Whats is new in Spielberg version 1.0:

- widened the pit exit (the right hander before pit exit) with some added braking marks
- new and batter AI
- various changes on object reflection and lighting
- removed, added some new vegetaions (trees and bushes)
- replaced background of commercial tables around the track
- changed the tower in the middle of the track a bit
- 3d grass completely aligned with the terrain all around
- added a farm house before turn 1 (on outside) + some trees
- changed and added some skid marks
- did some changes on the road mash (flaten on some places, and wrinkled where needed)
- added some off track objects that were missing
- added some new brake skidmarks (mostly when spinning out of turn)
- added some numbers on tarmac layer which are then in 2015
- new colors and lighting for guardrails
- new capret as run-off and 2nd curb between turns 8 and 9 (it`s new in 2015)
- changed lighting for most of the objects (again)
- new textures and lighting for the guard rails

What`s new in version 0.91:
- fixed some guard rails around the track
- fixed some trees
- set trees as KSTREE objects
- set LODs in kseditor for batter optimization
- changed some beside road object (white lines as corner markers, metal stands for commercial tables)
- new building for car park
- changed the grass into tarmac the exit of pits
- changed some tarmac`s texture (on some places)
- added skidmakrs in some turns (not on racing lines)
- changed lighting of some objects (buildings, various tables)
- added new commercial stands (for commercial boards)

Please let me know if there is anything more to fix.
What is new in Spielberg 0.9:
- replaced some trees inside the circuit
- added/changed some white concrete lines in the grass in some of the turn which are there as corner markers
- changed some white lines
- 3d grass only on world details very high and maximum
- changed some curbs according to new 2015 layout (not all that were in F1 race, which are specific for F1 only)
- changed some guard rails around the track and in pits according to 2015 layout
- changed main pit buildng (layout, colors according to 2015 layout), some white parts on top of it
- changed some trees outside of turn 8 and 9
- new info pitbuilding (behind the main pits)
- new small chappel before turn 4 (Pirreli)
- new columns with cameras around the track
- new guard houses around the track
- new braking tables for 200m, 150m, 100m and 50m
- drivable inner circuit (skills course)
- some added/removed and changed trees
- adjusted reflection for some objects
- some other small changes






And a video of new inner skills training small circuit:
What is new in version 0.8:
- added some indicators for the cracked, worn out asphalt (its not brand new in 2015)
- changed some objects grass to be drivable (which I previously forgot)
- rising maximum pits and starting grids up to 32 (from 30)
- added pit crew to pits (for having your own crew in team colors, same as on original AC tracks)
- added fans on grandstands and out on grass
- added some vehilces (medical cars, cans, trucks and cars)
- added skidmarks on starting grid
- splitting grooves into different parts (so they will display differenty, depending the type of groove)
- changed textures for background mountains on south side
- changed curb between turns penultimate 8 and ultimate 9 and curbs out of 9 turn on the left side
- changed reflection for all the curbs (reflection level)
- changed reflection for 90% of all object to be more real in daylight and darkness
- changed starting lights on the s/f line
- created new drains in runoff areas in 1st turn and between turn 8 and 9 (last sector)
- fixes some mashes (road, grass, curbs)
- fixed some blue/white tyre walls
- added cows near the farm on the north
- added sounds for cows and fans on grand stands (both sounds are not working, AC related)
- added/changed some more draining system (1st turn, uphill into 2nd turn, 2nd turn, and between turn 8 and 9)
- changed runoff area in turn 9 (last), from blue to austrian flag (like its now on F1 weekend)
- changed reflection for all runoff areas
Whats new in version 0.7:
- added grooves (dynamic ones, which change during racing)
- changed 3d grass reflection (normals) and texture
- changed 2d grass textures (ground in forest were changed as well)
- added and changed some trees (changed lighting too)
- changed lighting of most of many object, to looks more real
- changed all 4 cameras, so they are set to give batter feeling when watching replays
- drivable polygon behind pits; to enter: on right side when entering pits, or in turn for South course on right between concrete blocks
- lots of small modifications


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