SpecialFX tec for Race07 GTR2 and related games

SpecialFX tec for Race07 GTR2 and related games 202102

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This file defines car vs terrain reactions.
It may be used in Race 07, GTR Evo, GTR2 and related games.
Backup the original file and paste it into Locations folder.

It is compiled from:
Original GTR Evo file
+ original GTR2 materials than were not defined in GTR Evo
+ materials added by track makers to GTR2 tracks (snow, dirt, dust, etc..)
+/- checked for repeating entries and used only one of them

It was tested in GTR Evo and GTR2
Not tested in rFactor terrain.tdf

Some parameters should be updated (if I knew which ones :) )

rmbl is used for rumble bumps at the track edges, but track makers use it for old stony roads,
it adds the sound effect, but the road is more slippery than grass*

rged are dust holes in the road, they may be too deep, when a car wheel falls into this

snowrms are small snow banks, to slip the car,
but when larger surfaces are made of snowrms,
the car cannot stop until it hits something*

water is added as a drivable material, that you could glide fast on water surface like on ice,
instead of falling into a black hole and "return to garage"
but when a car drives slowly, it should sink, this is not done yet, the car does not sink.

*this is rather a question of renaming the materials on tracks, than modifying the definition.


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