Spark-Renault SRT-01E (Formula E) by Assetto Sim Team and haunetal1990

Spark-Renault SRT-01E (Formula E) by Assetto Sim Team and haunetal1990 0.67

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Team AST and haunetal1990 are proud to present to you the release of the Spark-Renault SRT_01E which is the car of the official Formula E season.
Please note that this release is only a 0.6 version of the mod as the physics is not accurate (not very much data available) and as this is the first mod for Assetto Corsa of our team there may be also other issues.
Thanks to everybody who is involved in this project !
Importing/Animating: Fernandihno, MegaRacingHD
Physics: Brownninja97, MegaRacingHD
Sounds: IMrIMike
Model: Haunetal1990
Skins: Vitesse, Lightcruiser, TheIceMan, Protoduct

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53 MB
First release
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4.41 star(s) 29 ratings

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  1. Spark-Renault SRT-01E (Formula E) by Assetto Sim Team and haunetal1990 0.67

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  2. Spark-Renault SRT-01E (Formula E) by Assetto Sim Team and haunetal1990 0.65

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Latest reviews

Pls make an SRS Event :)
This is quite a beauty to drive, honestly. Almost nil downforce, easy drifts, etc. I mean, I just LOVE the Formula E cars. The lack of wheel sounds didn't bother me one bit, but I bet other people would be pleased if wheel sound fixes are included in your next update.
What can I say: graphics is very very good, models are greats! But the sound is improvable, especially in downshift. No external sound with AC 1.14.1. Missing helmet skins.
Four stars hoping in new update!
Great start hope this mod isnt dead?
nice, but .. haven´t external sounds
Awesome mod, but...Do you plan to update the sounds?

It's a work in progress and I can't wait to see how well it's done but for now this is the rating I have to give. Over time it will get better but to me the car is undriveable. There is just no rear downforce with full rear aero. I couldn't turn without my back end swinging. Model is great, sound too(not a very pleasureful sound BUT its accurate) and I can tell a lot of work has been put in.

Keep developing this guys and work on that rear end physics
Well with version 1.5 of Assetto Corsa the Tyre version we are using is outdated. We are working on something bigger but it will need some time.

Thanks for your support !
Is it my system or do the tires sink in the track a bit ?
Thanks for the update, definately better. For me it still has too much oversteer, I'd think the real car has more downforce on the back to keep the rear wheels from slipping. Otherwise the model is great, looking for the next update!
Excelent mod, guys! Beautifuly done. The car is fun and strange to drive. Can´t say much about the physics, but It definetely feels solid! Looking foward to the updates and perhaps some Formula E tracks, like Punta!
We need KERS as Engine.
This is an excellent idea, we are hoping to test good phisics with this great sound
Awesome. Really good mod
It was strange car to drive indeed. Great job! :)

Front tyre temperatures seems to be bugged. Atleast the core temperatures were always equal to ambient temperature.
Superb mod!
Good Job
Thank you!

Merry Christmas !
People on RD REALLY need to stop giving 5 stars to mods which are in beta version...
it has no sound, skins don't work on my side, and physics are off...
So I don't get it... Why is everybody giving 5 stars?
The car has sounds and the skins work fine for everyone. Maybe you should try to reinstall the mod.

Regarding the physics: It got mentioned in the description of the mod.

Merry Christmas to you.
Very cool! It does have a bit too much low-speed snap oversteer. And it could use some polishing on the graphics side. But still, it has a lot of potential!