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Spanish Setup Descriptions 1.02

Spanish Setup Descriptions

  1. Leonardo Ratafiá
    Corrected Setup Description for Spanish Language

    Extract in: Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\system\locales\setup

    Some terms might vary from country to country, specially suspension wise, but it fixes some wrong stuff like gearing, some items cannot be translated AFAIK.

    Wings are not translated due to game design (some new cars use Wing02 for a front wing and older cars use wing02 for rear wing)

    Wings: Ferrari F138
    Wings: Dallara F307
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Recent Reviews

  1. Trauman
    Version: 1.02
    Muchas gracias
  2. berni_wrc
    Version: 1.02
  3. Felix Pollan
    Felix Pollan
    Version: 2017-01-23
    Muchas gracias!!!
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