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Spaburgring for Race 07/GTR Evo

Spaburgring for Race 07/GTR Evo 2.0

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Hi, Colin Davenport from Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K. reporting. WOW! What can I say? An excellent circuit to race on, challenging but great. I love this circuit. Thanks for sharing & Best Wishes to you all.
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You have improved well the track. Congratulations! :-)
Just three points :
1) Could you add sign just before pitstop? Because we arrive very fast on this part of the track, so we need information to brake early not to miss it
2) Could you add corner sign just after the dam pass? The right corner is a very difficult turn and can ruin your race
3) Optionaly, could add some variety to the texture of the road? For example used tarmac ;-)
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To solve problem with tarmac, download


Open with 7 Zip
Go to textures - road - tarmac and unzip road_tarmac_ennis768.dds

Then rename this file to a.dds
Then paste a.dds in Spaburgring/Textures

And you have a dark tarmac
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Like the track a lot, but like Paolo said the pavement is quite blinding. Almost GTR2 like.
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Well done on making this long track, like the novelty of the 2 chicanes at Zonta, for me i would like to see some hoardings or billboards added around the track to help identify were i am.
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There are some interesting corners but please change the pattern of the tarmac 'cause it's nearly unplayable to my eyes...
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Been after this track for ages for Race07. thank you for sharing and keeping life in Race07 going.
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