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Spa-Francorchamps 2017 Billboards 2017-08-25

Updated billboards for this year's F1 race.

  1. OzAndy
    Extract into main Kunos spa folder, overwrite skins folder if asked
    make a new "Default" folder in Skins folder and extract individual .dds files into there.

    Very limited to what Kunos allows ... 2 editable ad files ...
    See if it is useful for your f1 experience ...

    Screenshot - 25_08_2017 , 9_29_47 PM-medium.png Screenshot - 25_08_2017 , 9_32_36 PM-medium.png Screenshot - 25_08_2017 , 9_47_47 PM-medium.png

Recent Reviews

    Version: 2017-08-25
    good! someone doing 2018 versions?
  2. rallysmo
    Version: 2017-08-25
    good but the billboard at right of enter pits didnt load of its corrupted, also its possible to add the mark of 100 mts 50 mts on the grass, cheers
    1. OzAndy
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback. Do you mean the Heineken ads? The one next to them are arrows .. which I left as is. The 100m sign I'll have another look at ... cheers. :-)
  3. K4rBonStig
    Version: 2017-08-25
    Many thanks! \o
  4. Stepy
    Version: 2017-08-25
    Good job thanks for sharing.
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