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Spa Francorchamps (2 Seasons, DRS) 1.20

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Hi everyone.
The 7560 trees track is back :roflmao:

Next F1 track to enjoy your WE and AMS.

I used a very old layout to work on this one and I did my best to reach AMS standards. Even if everything is not 100% satisfying, I think it will be the best version you could find for AMS. And once you are in race, these small details are quickly forgotten ;)

Dynamic track added obviously.

Thanks to the usual team.
Luigi for cams, Denis for pictures, JoRo for curbs textures and of course gringo for his help/testing/work on AIW.


Latest updates

  1. Spa for AMS deep cleaning

    Special note : Make sure to remove any previous versions of Spa Francorchamps from your...
  2. Grass, trees and temps update

    Grass, trees and temps update.
  3. Single track package of Spa Francorchamps for AMS to syncronize with the MEGA pack v1.2

    This is the same track version as found in the 24 track MEGA pack update v1.2 in a single track...

Latest reviews

Thank you!!
Nice track!
Bonjour comment installe le circuit dans kel dossier merci . Amicalement
I'm stunned with this track. The autumn version is a must have.
Curious as to why there are tents and not a grandstand at the start/finish on the left side
Great work, mate. Not the most detailed Spa track out there, but it´s Spa in Automobilista!

Thanks a lot for your time and effort.
The best tracks by PG, no more words needed. We need them on AMS 2 :D
Great work!!!
Thank You Patrick!
Is there a describtion to install the track
PG HQ tracks...nothing more to say. Just lets enjoy it!
Great job! Thanks!
awesome , as always with you ( vraiment du super travail )
You sir are a true artist and magnificent track designer. I hope some major racing sim designer recognizes that, and pays you huge dollars to do their tracks. If so, I will buy that sim without any hesitation whatsoever! Thank you again for all of the first class, top shelf work you do Patrick. Jack :)
Your version of Spa is awsome ! just some little details to polish eventualy. oh and the mas file could be corrupted as it gives a error message. all in all a superb track, thank you for sharing :)
Awesome bro! Great update. Thanks so much! On Spa 24 hours week... Great Architect of the Universe Bless you and your hands.
Error opening MAS file Spring.mas
Any Idea? That happened in the 1.2 update.
I could not read the course of "autumn" by my PC and regrettably returned to the previous version. Since I was able to run in spring, I can estimate the condition of autumn course. However, because there is no response to personal communication, I made this evaluation.
Patrick Giranthon
Use the support forum for help with any problems.
thanks,Mr Giranthon
Great update and thank you for sharing.
Patrick Giranthon
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132.8 MB
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4.81 star(s) 94 ratings

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