Spa-Francorchamps 1970 1.0


  1. David Buxton
    Its a enhanced conversion which differs from the other versions of the papyrus GPL Spa circuit, thats been around. Although its still based on the earlier "Papyrus" gpl to rfactor conversion by the late "frank.f55", who passed it to "Normhart"(CSGT) for use with their mod ...initially "Algis" (CSGT) started the work on it I think he may have reconverted it. "Normhart" asked me to update and adding some extras to Spa, this version has all corners/bends having a smoother appearance. some textures are still the original from GPL. I remapped and retexured the roads, grass, (keeping the apperance of the rough road/grass edges of early race tracks) and a lot of the adverts. Added new modelling .. complete infield and some outer fields added, ( this enabled to have a more open area with some tree wall removal.. some extra bushes grasses and trees, poles and cables added, extra moddelling added at hairpin.. animated flags, remodelled pit garages adding missing backs to the adverts and tower. added some of pit extras,( pit crews, car jacks, pit boards, air cylinders etc) Instead of using startlights etc I made and added a new flag men for the start along with the pit out Aiw, new working rain rflections, animated marshals. some extra pit vehicles supplied by "Philrob" I borrowed the Camera file which was made by "umma gumma" for another 67 spa version.. even though a camera goes behind the odd tree I think it seems to be the best with this layout that I have tried..

    This is another 70s track that came about when I was helping and working with CSGT
    it was intended to be used for the CSGT mod release for Rfactor, but as time passed the CSGT group stopped modding. With the expected arrival of rf2 and the 66spa track to be released by ISI. I thought I would carry on with the work with the intention of putting it into other formats, for GTL /GTR2 and the Race Series.. and showed it to a few friends when "philrob" mentioned he was working on the early spa track for another rfactor version I told him of what I had already done to enhance the original old track and sent him the GTR2 version. so he could use the all the extra modelling I had added.
    have fun
    cheers Ken


    1. Spa.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Karl Kerr
    Karl Kerr
    Version: 1.0
    spa is a fave of mine. i love this old spa never seen it till i got this one :)
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