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Spa Francorchamps '08 1.0

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Added loading screen by DantePLL
GDB errors corrected by DantePLL
A few unnecessary files cleaned out

Big thanks to DantePLL who's helped me out with this.

Spa 08 converted by Pitkin.

My first attempt at a conversion and also my first public upload.

Thanks To Monsoon for allowing me to release this conversion. I hope you all enjoy and also hope it works for you all.
Extract to the usual place, " Gamedata/locations" in your Race07 folder.

Latest reviews

Excellent!!!! A Must have track!
: )
Praiseworthy effort, nicely done thanks
Very good job
Muito obrigado 100%
Fantastic! 7 kms of a great experience. Time Trail works perfectly.
Dennis Phelan
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39.6 MB
First release
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5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

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