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Spa AI fast lane 1.0

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Very good fast lane, the only problem is that they run off the track at stavelot corner.
To do endurance races almost impossible with this. They just crash each other out at Blanchimont/Bus chicane.
Diogo Goetz Brand
They crashing at blanchimont and the chicane is due to the AI sticking their noses and not giving each other space. Maybe you can fix this by lowering the aggression. But that's not the line's fault.
Diogo Goetz Brand
Glad you liked it. Unfortunately I was away from AC for a month or so, so stay tuned for an updated version that's probably gonna be very well optimized.
Nice, Thanks!!!!
v1.0...Excelent job.
Many thanks! \o
Thanks for these AI updates. A lot of folks can't commit to Online due to frequent interruptions (family) and this sort of thing is a real lifesaver.