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Sp237 "Coste" open road 0.6

A2B real road, uphill, downhill, high resolution road mesh

  1. v 0.6

    Hi all,
    this is a first update, which include several improvements:
    o.6 chengelog from 0.5
    - all textures and normal maps converted in .dds (+10% fps)
    - fixed and minor improvements (starting direction for north version, doubled some rails, improved restaurant "Rocca" aera, fix some transparent walls)
    - fixed an issue that causes high cpu load (from 90% to 30% or less, 50-70% with 24 AIs)
    - add all road signs
    - improved crossing road to "Vallio"
    - improved track near "Binzago" crossing
    - 2...
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