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Sound mod for nissan_180sx_typex_2jz Version 0.1 2016-02-19

2JZ sound mod for the nissan 180sx

  1. ApoFys_
    First i have to say that this is not my first sound mod on Assetto but with Fmod yes...

    i spent my time to drift on Assetto and i just want to enjoy a little more this awesome car so if you want, you can try :)
    Back up original files first !
    Go to Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\nissan_180sx_typex_2jz
    Back up SFX folder
    delete sfx folder
    extract the rar on the car folder

Recent Reviews

  1. Ghostevent
    Version: 2016-02-19
    Its really great,thoug just one thing,could you make it abit louder please?Thanks ! :)
  2. Mr.Goodcat
    Version: 2016-02-19
    Hey fella. First I want t say thank you for this mod, thats what I've been looking for AC.
    I had a chance to drive 2jzgte car in real life. Your sound mod sound very similiar to one I drove.
    But have some note. In AC it sounds good but I can't feel engine torque. The sound loop what begin in 5,5-6k rpm share it till 3.5k rpm and higher with minor fixes. It will be best mod of 2JZ GTE in AC in my opinion :)

    P.S I did learn a bit FMod. But have no time and skills to make good samples(loops).
  3. TheStratGuy
    Version: 2016-02-19
    I like it alot, I'm using it for the Supra Time Attack mod from Assetto Garage, and its great. I only wish the engine sounds were a little louder in relation to the blow off valve, but its great anyway, thanks man!
    1. ApoFys_
      Author's Response
      thanks for feedback !
      i think i have to reduce the sound of the blowoff first because if i make the sound too loud we didn't hear anymore the other cars.
  4. curve
    Version: 2016-02-19
    nice sound, far better from the original.
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