Sol 1.5.1

No permission to download
Thank you very much for your hard work. The 3d clouds are awesome.
I was so hyped when Acc released,. physics are great, FFB is perfect. But now I am really disappointed about the performance (undriveable with more than 10 cars... consistent frame drops..).
With Sol and Csp Assetto Corsa looks better and performe better than ACC.
I want to try sol but is it possible to go back to old after loading?
amazing ty
This is that closer step to reality Assetto always needed!
thanks! a nice mod
Falta que este en español jajajjaa
drastic improvement!!! i love it
Perfect mod
Just Wow!!
Just amazing
Amazing work! The clouds and sky looks so much better now! Priceless work!

I do have a question: I seem to have lost the interior lighting in the cars. Does this happen when you link CSP lighting/brightness with that of Sol 1.5? Without this link checkmarked in the sol.config the headlights will be way too bright during the day..
Peter you brought up assetto corsa, kunos should thank you for that
Without a doubt the greatest Assetto Corsa mod ever created. This combined with CSP adds so many features it'd be impossible to list them all. You should already have this installed
Excellent mod, takes Assetto to another level !!!
Excelent work !!!!
Hands down one the greatest mods in Sim Racing history. Transforms Assetto Corsa from a solid sim to an absolute stand out sim. Bravo!!!
Game changer
If you're looking for next level simracing this is one of the ingredients for that magic cocktail !!! Thanks Peter for all your effort and time.
Great! Turns AC into a completely new game.
The greatest in every way ! Amazing and wonderful :>)
Magnificent work, thank you very much !!
For me my favorite Sim, with the 1000% best Ambient Perfect Thx Peter !!
AC has lots of life (years) ahead with all the modding arround it.
5 stars it's not enough !! super job mate. I saw sol 1.6 on Youtube it's just MAGIC !!!!!
Gracias =)
Wonderful, awesome....I see armony when Assetto Corsa is running Sol with CSP...
Awsome job. Best mod ever!
It's just another game! Prettier than ever! Thanks!
This is just wonderful work. The colors and lighting look so natural that it easily beats pretty much any other racing sim out there if it all comes together on a nice track.

Thank you very much for your work and the install guide, the installation process really is not very complicated but you still describe every step clearly and in an easy to follow manner. Well-made documentation requires a lot of care and you did an excellent job all around.
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Thanks! This means a lot to me!
Very nice work
Excellent site.