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Sodegaura Forest Race Way (rFactor Convert)

Sodegaura Forest Race Way (rFactor Convert) 0.9.3

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Black Coffeeがそらまめさんの許可を得てAssettoCorsa用にコンバートしました。

マイチャンピオンシップ KUNOS公式GT3カテゴリ車両26台フルグリッドで走行確認。
Shaders Lights Patch v1.60(recommended version)+Sol_1.5.5+1.62で確認。
* MODの導入は自己責任でお願い致します。
CREDITS: 'Sodegaura Forest Race Way' rfactor version by SORAMAME.
AC conversion by Black Coffee.

v0.8:2020年03月30日 Ver0.8 公開
----------- EN -------------
This is a racing course approved by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) that follows the standards of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and is located in Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture.

Black Coffee has converted a track that was originally created by Soramame for rFactor
With the permission of Soramame, Black Coffee converted it for AssettoCorsa.
*Please check ReadMe and Video Outline for details.
Some objects may be different from the actual course.
Changes from v0.9
*I intend to review and integrate the object structure to reduce the weight of the operation.
*Adjusted some objects and changed some textures. (Some of the objects are different from the actual course)
*In the case of 36 grids, there were some cars that could not start from the grid, and the processing was too heavy at the start of My Championship and Quick Race Full Grid.
* Restructured "fast_lane.ai" and "pit_lane.ai" for AI cars.
*The pit lane configuration has been changed to reduce the number of cases where AI vehicles cannot pit out. (Confirmed by HOTLAP using official KUNOS vehicles)
**Some of the external mod vehicles are unable to pit out**.

My Championship KUNOS official GT3 category cars 26 cars full grid confirmed.
Confirmed with Shaders Lights Patch v1.60(recommended version) + Sol_1.5.5+1.62.
* Please install the MOD at your own risk.
CREDITS: 'Sodegaura Forest Race Way' rfactor version by SORAMAME.
AC conversion by Black Coffee.

v0.8:March 30, 2020 Ver0.8 Public
v0.9:April 28, 2020
v0.9.3:February 18, 2021

Latest updates

  1. Sodegaura Forest Race Way (rFactor Convert) v0.9.3

    v0.9からの変更点 *オブジェクト構成の見直しや統合を行い軽量化を目指したつもり。 *一部オブジェクトの調整、一部テクスチャ変更。(オブジェクトは実際のコースと異なる部分が有ります)...

Latest reviews

Very nice, can't wait to see the finished product.

I do have a question tho. with a user name like urs, Would this be ur theme song? :-)

or maybe a more modern version :-O
Makes a really fine Kart track. Got a new Kart today. Thanks
Finally a new real Japanise track on AC. Really welcome
´good work
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