Sochi Autodrom DRS

Sochi Autodrom DRS 1.0

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Sochi Autodrom DRS

WCP-Series version adapted to Automobilista.

It has an outstanding quality, as it is updated to the standards of Automobilista, which makes it have a quality, which seems an original circuit of the game.


Extract the contents of the file .rar inside the folder of your Automobilista.

Enjoy! :)
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Latest reviews

Really good stuff here. 4 stars because AI after pit stop goes straight into the pit garage and then DNF.
Thanks You very much for a Beautiful and Amazing track! Great and hard job! But please make penalty zones after white line of the track (we can cut at every corner - not correct)
Works well. Thanks
Beautiful job Bruno. Only problem I can see is, it could use some mugs up in the bleachers. I remember when we logged in to score some real race cars and tracks, instead of Lada's ,Volkswagon's and the likes. Chock up a great score for Bruno. Jump in Luis Hamilton's F-1 car guys and drive it in style.
Nice addition to AMS a globally a nice track. Thank you.
To add to previous comments : in some corners the AI line is a bit strange
Thanks for the track, nice to have that in AMS.
To me it is a bit ennoying though to have buildings and flags/poles popping up all the time. Don't know the reason (all my settings are on high). If you could change that, I'll gladly add a star... ;-)
Thank you for the track, it is a WCP RF1 port so it looks OK. However, you cannot say "it is updated to the standards of Automobilista" without proper shaders, skies, or dynamic track. Thank you for the effort though! :)