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Sochi - 3D R2 Dynamic Track. Re Vision 2

Dynamicly changing track, 3D, HD, New Textures,Awesome New Lighting System

  1. igearzone16
    Sochi 3D As Real As It Gets

    Designed for the F1 Simulator, ---->> click here to download

    This Track is also compatible with the original F1 2014 Game.
    Do note,
    in the original game without the simulator upgrade, you will not see the tracks change dynamically, you need to upgrade your game to the F1 Simulator.. link above.

    This is the latest installment of my track series, using a new technique I invented just a short while ago, so you will not find tracks like this anywhere else.

    This new series of tracks are much cleaner with a lot more detail and also including textures of previously never seen items, such as cars, buildings, emergency equipment, light fixtures and etc..

    If I come up with some new cool stuff to ad to the track, I will update it, so check back regularly for any updates or just follow me
    here on Race Department. and you''ll get up to date email alerts

    Install instructions included for 1st time Mod Users

    **If you use it then**

    Don't Forget to!!!

    **Rate it and Comment on it**

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