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Snoval 1.0

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Introducing Snoval

Welcome to Snoval!

Using the latest in laser scan technology I have recreated the north poles infamous Snoval Racing Circuit.

Feel free to join the action online. Search for festive
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Latest reviews

Timing and pit count might have an issue nowadays. But I really like this track, it's great fun. ^^
i totally take back what i said in previous post. Meco is a genius. this guy helped me alot when i had trouble with a mod, and his work is incredible. obviously this was done for fun. wonderful!!
lol. the same guy who did the cobra gets trashed by noobs for a festive idea. **** these idiots not getting the joke, you are a star meco.
you should be beaten for this.
XDXDXD originaly, yeees!! award!!
Creative Award Winner 2014!! What a Merry track:-)
You can really tell that laser scanning makes a difference. Great fun! :)
Lol good idea :)
Haha very good track :)
beatiful very good XD
This is so good it should be a real track in AC!
Awesome fun , great job Meco
Really cute and fun this Christmas track , thanks Meco
lol meco you crazy genius