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Snoval 1.0

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Introducing Snoval




Welcome to Snoval!

Using the latest in laser scan technology I have recreated the north poles infamous Snoval Racing Circuit.

Feel free to join the action online. Search for festive

Latest reviews

Timing and pit count might have an issue nowadays. But I really like this track, it's great fun. ^^
i totally take back what i said in previous post. Meco is a genius. this guy helped me alot when i had trouble with a mod, and his work is incredible. obviously this was done for fun. wonderful!!
lol. the same guy who did the cobra gets trashed by noobs for a festive idea. **** these idiots not getting the joke, you are a star meco.
you should be beaten for this.
XDXDXD originaly, yeees!! award!!
Creative Award Winner 2014!! What a Merry track:-)
You can really tell that laser scanning makes a difference. Great fun! :)
Lol good idea :)
Haha very good track :)
beatiful very good XD
This is so good it should be a real track in AC!
Awesome fun , great job Meco
Really cute and fun this Christmas track , thanks Meco
lol meco you crazy genius

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